Are My Photos Good Enough For Stock? SKU: ems-ebook128v1

Learn the top 18 reasons that microstock photos get rejected and how you can recognize and avoid them. (Ebook 50 pages)


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Whether you are a new photographer or have been shooting photos for years, it can be a challenge to shoot and edit photos to the standards required for selling on the top microstock sites.  Commercial microstock images are subject to thourough inspection and are held to high technical and creative standards.  Understanding the reasons that photos are routinely rejected can make the creative process more enjoyable and reduce frustration from rejected photos.

This 50 page ebook explores the top 18 reasons that photos are rejected by microstock inspectors.  Along with clear explainations, Eliza Snow uses photo examples to show you how to identify each rejection reason PLUS gives you advice on how you can avoid or correct these issues.

Who Is This Book For?

This ebook is for any photographer that is submitting (or planning to submit) photo uploads for sale through a microstock agency.  After reading "Are My Photos Good Enough For Stock", you will have a clear understanding of the top 18 resons that microstock images get rejected and be able to adjust your shooting and editing to avoid them.


Eliza Snow - Professional Commercial Photographer and Co-Founder at Everything Microstock

Publish Date

2015 by Everything Microstock